Please browse through the list of workshops below. I teach all of these workshops in French or in English. If there is a topic that I haven’t covered here, please let me know about it and we can discuss it. I can either put something together for you or refer you to another facilitator I know who can teach that particular topic.

Contact me for booking info, such as pricing and availability. I like to travel, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with me even if you’re out of town!

New: Powerful Workshops (all-day workshop)

Whether you are a new or a seasoned workshop facilitator, this is a chance for you to hone your facilitator skills! In this workshop, you will learn strategies to:

– Design a workshop;
– Facilitate a workshop; and
– Provide each other with feedback.

Bring paper and pen, one of your favorite toys, and your willingness to participate and try new things!

New: Intro to Caning (90 minutes or more)

Want to lear how to use a cane? This toy can be particularly nasty – both in a delicious way, as well as in a damaging way. In this workshop, you will learn to:

– Select a cane that works for you;
– Negotiate caning in your scene using highly strategic questions;
– Aim with accuracy, and without injuring yourself; and
– Explore several areas of the body and techniques, including “evil” mindfucks.

You can bring your own demo target person (at their own risks!) but this is not a mandatory requirement.

If you would like to be a demo bottom for this class (for me and/or for the participants), please get in touch with me.

Making a Scene (2.5 hours)

(Intermediate or advanced level)

You’ve negotiated your desires and limits. Great! Now what?

In this workshop, you will learn to design memorable and satisfying scenes. We will:

  • Experiment with three creativity techniques
  • Plan different kinds of scenes, given your available resources
  • Determine when and how to incorporate emotional intensity
  • Obtain mutual consent

This is a highly interactive and experiential learning workshop – so be prepared to jump in and participate!

While this is not a beginner level workshop, as participants are expected to have some play negotiation experience, everyone is welcome.

Bring paper and pen.

Rosy Cheeks: Embarrassment and Humiliation (90 minutes or more)

This workshop is geared to all kinksters who enjoy giving and/or receiving the warm tingly feeling of embarrassment and/or the personal challenge of humiliation. While this is not a kink 101 workshop, it is designed to be accessible to folks of all levels of experience. In this workshop, we will:

  • Define embarrassment and humiliation
  • Examine the outer edges of our own comfort zones
  • Identify when and how to increase and decrease the intensity of a scene

The practice portions will mostly be done in pairs with the person of your choice, or in small groups (as opposed to in front of everyone), and the debriefing will be volunteer-based only. The idea is to talk about this stuff, experiment with it safely, but not to put anyone in a non-consensual uncomfortable situation!

Choosing a Kinky Partner (90 minutes or more)

Are you looking for someone to play with at a party, a casual but regular lover or a life partner who is into the stuff you like? Do you want to find a person who is a good match for you?

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • a bit more about yourself – what you want and need;
  • how to present yourself in a way that is authentic (even if you are shy!);
  • how to “screen” potential partners;
  • how to deal with rejection gracefully (it happens to all of us!);
  • how to express when you are interested and when you are not.

Bring paper and pen.

This workshop caters to everyone on the power spectrum (top/bottom/switch), everyone on the gender spectrum (masculine/feminine/genderfluid), independently of whether you are partnered or not, and for every level of experience.

Domination 201 (90 minutes or more)

If you identify as a dominant or as a switch, you will want to join into this conversation! Where does our role start and where does it end? What is the breadth of our influence? How do we shape our submissives? How do they shape us? How do we communicate what we want and need? What do they seek? What do we seek? What is healthy for them and for us? How do we manage our vulnerabilities? What standards do we hold ourselves to? Using reflective questions and fictional scenarios as points of discussion, we’ll explore these topics. You’ll likely walk away with your head, heart and crotch filled with delicious options, creative ideas and thriving potentials! Although this is not a 101-level discussion, everyone is welcome to attend!

Negotiating A Scene (90 minutes or more)

In this fun, flirty workshop, you will learn three useful techniques to help you negotiate a scene with a one or more persons that will satisfy the needs and desires of everyone involved!  Bring a playpartner if you have one, and/or maybe make a new one!

We’ll talk about:

  • Outlining your own needs 
  • Outlining your own desires (wants)
  • How to negotiate
  • Precautions (safety)
  • Consent
  • The pros and cons of flirting and powerplay during negotiation
  • Aftercare

Note to organizers: this is a fun workshop to have right before a playparty!

Doing Kink Long Distance (90 minutes or more)

Let’s face it: Long distance relationships are hard to manage. Adding the extra layer of kink can make it that much harder… or does it have to? Come learn a few good tricks on how to make LDR’s work, and then use your kinky brain to make it more fun and intimate. Folks from all types of LDR welcome!



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