Learning Makes the Leather World Go Round

Learning is one of the cornerstones of bringing community members together.

I happen to be fascinated by learning. I almost… fetishize it. I love what happens when someone feels fed in their kink and is inspired to go try something new. I rejoice in watching folk become more and more comfortable within themselves as they discover who they are in terms of kink, sexual orientation, gender, and how they learn to coexist with other folks who have their own combination of identities. I love to watch bonds get created when they learn and share their skills.

I’ve learned about learning in my academic path, and I’ve turned it into a career in my day job. This here isn’t my day job. This is one of my fun gigs, that I like to pick up once in a while, when the stars align. I teach at conferences. I’m involved in Education within three very different conferences – IMsL/IMsBB (as Education Coordinator), Toronto Heart of the Flag (as Education Director), and at Montreal Spring Fling (as a Board Member, focused on Education). You could say that I’m a part-time professional kinkster, sometimes for paid gigs, but mostly for volunteer work.

In my day job, I design training and I train trainers. I’m always delighted when I can transfer those skills into our community. I’m very much invested in developing new presenters and challenging seasoned presenters, at making space for people who benefit from less relative privilege (such as Persons of Colour, trans folks and persons with disabilities), and at promoting fair and transparent compensation for presenters.

I’ve been in this community for twenty-some years now. I started in my early twenties, during the time when the Internet was just starting. I would read about kinky things in books and in magazines, figure it out with my lovers, friends and play partners, then share them by teaching workshops. I’ve taught many a workshop and am always thrilled to teach more.

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MsCharlie Rose is a queer femme Toronto-based top who teaches workshops in the Toronto-Montreal-Ottawa area, and sometimes at conferences in other cities.